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Nature's Way: Curica Pain Relief - 100 Tb

Curica Pain Relief
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Enzymatic Therapy Products
Nature's Way
Sku: 15182
Price: USD 69.99
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Natural, triple-action pain relief •Relieves occasional pain & stiffness •Improves mobility & flexibility to more comfortably perform daily tasks •Promotes healthy inflammatory response by targeting key mediators including 5-Lipoxygenase, TNFα and IL-1β Due to overexertion, strain or exercise Clinical dose of 3 unique plant-based actives •Curcuminoids from turmeric root – Meriva •Boswellia AKBA from boswellia gum – AprèsFlex •Salicin from white willow bark superior bioavailability for superior results •Meriva® –Clinically proven complex of standardized turmeric extract and phosphatidylcholine –Delivers up to 29 times better bioavailability of total curcuminoids versus an ordinary turmeric extract •AprèsFlex® –Clinically proven standardized boswellia extract –Enhanced bioavailability of AKBA